Making face is hard when you play this game so if you want to look okay in the game, you need to smile as if you don’t have burden.

Smiling is The Best Way to Hide Expression in Playing Tri7bet

Card game is the complicated game and you can’t just win with your pure skill in handling the cards but you can win it if you have perfect strategies related to your behavior and more. If you can’t make Tri7bet face since you don’t know how to control your expression, then you just need to smile on the table along with other players because smiling is also the best way to hide the real expression of yours.

Hide Your Expression in Playing Tri7bet by Smiling

You can’t disturb other players when you play Tri7bet and you need to be polite. However, no one bans you to smile and also chat with another player or even tell a joke. You can do them all on the table and these are the real ways in order to hide your expression. You don’t need to waste your time just to be silent without even talking because you can’t control your expression at all when playing it.

Smiling is the best way. If you just smile when you get perfect cards, then other players might realize if you have perfect hand to start. However, if you smile during the game no matter how worse the hand you hold, then other players can’t read your expression since you treat your game by smiling.

This is important for you since Tri7bet player should keep their expression and not reveal it until they win the game. When you smile, don’t just smile widely because other players might think if you are doing bluffing.