Is it Possible to Use Card Counting in Blackjack When Watching Streaming Movie?

Card counting is the ultimate technique people use in Blackjack but many of them want to know whether they can do it in gambling poker or not.

Blackjack is the best choice for you who want to make money as your side income. Blackjack is considered as the strategy game so it will not make you lose more. Besides, you can use your own skill to win so luck may follow behind. However, it is not easy to win Blackjack in agen poker asia though you use card counting as the ultimate technique to win. Moreover, many people also want to know whether card counting can be used in online Blackjack or not.

Card Counting is Hard to Do In Blackjack When Watching Streaming Movie

However, when you watching streaming movie and play poker online, it will disturb your concentration. Card counting is effective when you play Blackjack in land-based casino. Basically, most sites in US don’t offer live Blackjack at all with live dealer so you could see him or her right from your monitor. It includes the majority of the sites which are located outside New Jersey. If the site of site doesn’t offer single deck along with live Agen Poker Asia, it is nearly impossible for players to use card counting method. Card counting is more effective if you use it on single deck of the cards on Blackjack table.

Most poker site will offer Blackjack game with at least three decks and it means, they will shuffle the new deck after every turn and the process is starting back first to the original deck for every three turns. Those sites that don’t have live dealers will use the system of generating computer so it will be so hard and impossible for players to count the cards which are already shuffled randomly well.

The casino sites that offer live Blackjack with live dealer basically will also have three decks as the minimum as well. Though the cards may not be generated randomly with computer system, it is still impossible for you to count cards unless you are playing right in front of the dealer on the land-based casino. It means, unless you sit out each two turns and you use the same deck, you can’t count the cards at all. You can also find the several special sites that will offer you the single deck only.

Another Way to Win Blackjack When Watching Streaming Movie, The Bet Behind

However, the sites that may serve the single deck will ask for the larger minimum bet on the table to prevent players from counting cards. The single deck of Blackjack will raise the minimum bet to at least $25 or more generally. Though it is so possible to count the cards when you go to the casino, it is harder to do the same method online as they have three decks and also the computing software to make the cards random for every round without giving the clue at all that will show the patterns.

Though it is nearly impossible, basically many people still use the same method to count cards on this poker online game. If you want to do this method, you need to own the substantial bankroll so you can do it and you will not just waste your money useless. You need to prepare more bets if you really want to raise the chance to win. If you think card counting is impossible to do though you use a single deck, you can use another trick that can save you such as Bet Behind. It is the side bet you can apply when you choose live Blackjack.

This betting option will give you potentially big winning. While players wait for 1 of 7 seats to be free, you can bet behind. Additionally, the seated player can also bet behind on any other seat. Players who can win streak are marked with the symbol of gold medal and it is showing how great this player is currently. Ever person can see his score and choose the hot player to place the bet behind and increase the chances to win. If you are new to this game, this game can be so thrilling.

Though you place the low stake, the bet behind will give you challenge so you can feel the excitement of Blackjack. However, this side bet is actually unlimited and it means, the waiting players can place the bet behind all players and the main one can bet behind all players who sit. No matter what method you choose, many players want to choose the very simple game to make money in poker and if you learn this game more, you can make money as soon as possible.